Preparing your home

It’s important to know how to prepare or ‘stage’ your home ready for viewings. If you want to achieve the price you have in mind, it’s important that you present your home in a welcoming and desirable way.

You don’t need to completely re decorate to sell your home, but it may be worth spending a little time and possibly money decorating any tired areas.

Use neutral tones rather than bright colours or patterns to further enhance the sense of space and to give your home a clean, fresh feel.

It is important that you fix anything that is in a state of repair, as potential viewers often don’t want to have to spend any money as soon as they move into a new home.

It is also advisable that you remove any excess furniture, pictures, books and ornaments, again this will create more of a sense of space. Your property will not only appear larger, it will also help potential buyers picture their furniture and personal items in the space available.

We also advise that you put away any large plastic children’s toys, and remove personal items or letters from worktops or tables, again to create more space and clutter free areas.

Ensure that the outside of your house is tidy and that the garden is in good order, it’s easy to neglect these areas in the winter months but potential buyers will also spend time looking at any outside areas, especially where bins and recycling containers are kept.

Make sure that your property is always clean and tidy, even if you aren’t expecting viewings. We may receive a call from passers-by who have seen the For Sale board and would like to view your property at short notice.

Ensure that windows are cleaned regularly and that all curtains and blinds are open during the day to maximise the light in your home.

Finally, it helps in the ‘staging’ of your home to use flowers, plants, air freshener or scented candles.

The team at Ash, Percy & Jackson are more than happy to give advice, assistance and even visit your home prior to it going onto the market.

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